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I have no excuse, I was very depressed when I wrote this

I'm bleeding on the dance floor
But the band keeps playing on
And the dancers keep on twirling
As their shoe soles turn crimson

My blood type's AB positive            
And I'm positively sure                        
I wish the only blood that's spilling 
Would be mine across this floor

My eyes drift close, I'm failing          
The band's melody begins to waver
And the dancers dance more slowly   
To this new melancholy flavour

My lady beckons me closer               
My cheek rests on the sticky floor   
She's finally come to collect me         
And set me free from this life's chore

Yet my heart does not feel joyous   
Only sorrow has made it crack    
Though all awaits me is more pain     
I'll give anything to go back

This is how this chapter ends
But there’s still more here to write
I’ll pick myself up off this floor   
This novel won’t end tonight

I'm bleeding on the dance floor
And the band keeps playing on
But I'm twirling with the dancers
For now just managing to hold on