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Would you consider it greedy
To ache for all that brightness
Missing that exquisite feeling
The one of belonging and rightness

It's strange to yearn for crowded rooms
For so many lilts and tones
But jarring is this silence now
Greyness, evenings spent alone

Spent are my limbs and lungs
A rest from the fight is blessed
Alas the lack of friends I made
Leaves my heart put to the test

And perhaps it's just a drama
Withdrawal from my high of glee
Now my soul is left unsatisfied
It makes no sense to you, but me

And no man is an island
I've heard it said once or twice
Before, not knowing any difference
Now here a drowning vice

But may I still cling on to hope
That the door is still half open
Some of you may remember me
Have enjoyed the words we've spoken

And mayhaps, tis the darkness
Whispers words against new friends
That perhaps what has been started
It has yet to meet its ends