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Sudden Mysteries in the Mystery Tea House

This is the place I love the most as I lounge
On a dark leather seat, cup in one hand
Phone clutched in the other as we sit
Talking about nothing, enjoying the day

This is the place I shared with you
A quiet place, full of scents and sound
And now the buzz of the phone in my hand
Signalling words from the word on my arm

This is the place I feel most calm
Soothed, though stunned inside my soul
As you smile and chat to me, a table
Between me and you, but now a gaping chasm

This is the place you burned me inside
As we decided to leave, and I insisted
That I pay for mine and you for yours
You noticed my silence as we walked out the door

This is the place that still remains mine
And your cruel word linger only to remind
Whilst you have been tarnished, by saying things unkind
The Mystery Tea shop shall stay forever divine